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Our 15th Year!


Our 15th Year!

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"I believe that hundreds of years from now, history will be divided into pre-1960's and post-1960's. Questioning things as a regular part of normal
life--that didn't exist for my father's generation."
Steven Van Zandt

From: SUNINYRIZE@aol.com
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 9:14 PM
Subject: Hendrix Valenti

I think the blond with Hendrix might be a girl named Merry

Knew Dino Valenti in Village....recently read his bio what is strange is that his sister keeps the site and supposedly wrote his bio However I had a friend who told me that she was helping Dino at the houseboat fabricate  his bio and that he was ill years ago. If you are in touch with Hugh Romney :WAVY GRAVY: would like to know how he is doing .He actually originally found Dino and brought him to New York.

From: Dan Pollock <mailto:66ff500@att.net>  
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2009 9:11 AM
Subject: Remember These Guys?

Mornin' Nancy.....don't know if they were on The Strip or not......

Drake Levin, of Paul Revere & the Raiders, Dies at 62


Drake Levin, of Paul Revere & the Raiders, Dies at 62 Mr. Levin was lead guitarist for the teen-idol rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders during their biggest hit-making years in the mid-1960s



Published: July 10, 2009

Drake Levin, who played lead guitar for the teen-idol rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders during their biggest hit-making years in the mid-1960s, died July 4 in San Francisco. He was 62.  The cause was cancer, said his wife, Sandra.


Paul Revere & the Raiders, a band that coalesced around the organist Paul Revere Dick and the singer Mark Lindsay, began in the 1950s in Caldwell, Idaho, near Boise, where it was first known as the Downbeats. It later established itself in Portland, Ore., then moved to Los Angeles and became nationally known in 1965 when the band began making regular appearances on the television dance show “Where the Action Is,” starring Dick Clark.


The band had a driving pop sound and an irreverent, almost campy humor. Members wore color-coordinated colonial-era outfits onstage, and they often performed their songs to a kind of antic choreography.

Mr. Levin joined the Raiders in 1963, and for the next three years or so (he left for a time to fulfill a stint in the National Guard), he provided the pulsing guitar riffs and clean propulsive solos that gave the band, beyond its entertaining facade, a legitimate rock ’n’ roll grounding. He had left the group by the time the Raiders recorded their biggest seller, “Indian Reservation,” but he played on a series of hits, including the antidrug song “Kicks,”  which Rolling Stone listed at No. 400 on its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time, and “Just Like Me,”  which the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on its list of the 500 songs that shaped rock ’n’ roll.



included Drake Maxwell Levin was born in Chicago on Aug. 17, 1946. Many sources cite his birth name as Levinshefski, but his brother Jeff said the family’s version, Levinchevski, was shortened to Levin many years before his birth


When he was 13, his family moved to Boise. As a young man he played in a band called the Surfers, along with a bassist, Phil Volk, who would later join the Raiders. After his Raider years, Mr. Levin worked as a blues musician, playing alongside the organist Lee Michaels, among others. More recently, he played in the band the Sinners.


In addition to his wife and his brother, who lives in Pinole, Calif., Mr. Levin is survived by a sister, Lori, of Humboldt County, Calif.; two sons, David, of Wilmington, N.C., and Darby, of Los Angeles; three daughters, Debbie, of San Diego, Cathie, of Chaska, Minn., and Saida, of London; and six grandchildren.

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:26 PM
Subject: Gazzarri Dancers

Hi Nancy -

I wrote to you almost exactly a year ago about trying to track down the GAZZARRI DANCERS that were on HOLLYWOOD A GO-GO in 1964-65

Anyway after over 6 months of dead ends, no info, bad info, I finally got in contact with one of the girls. From there lots of things fell into place and I've spent the past 6 months putting together a website about the dancers. It is by no means complete because there are several still unknown dancers out there. It has been alot of fun and as new info comes to light I will add it to the site.

If you click on: http://gazzarridancers.com/ you will find it and I'd love to hear your opinion, especially since you've been doing this sort of thing for a lot longer than me.

So please check out the website and I'd love some feedback.

JIm Freyler

From: "Wallin-Eddy, Inc." <soundvisions@email.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:44 PM
Subject: Some photos

I have been meaning to email for a long time and with the recent death
of Sky Saxon I was going through my negatives and thought this would be
a good time.

I grew up in the time of Woodstock on the East coast - in NY. As a kid I remember watching the local news and seeing how the Thruway was closed. I didn't really get it at the time, and never thought years later I would end up involved in the hollywood music scene of the 80's. Thing is, as the saying goes, everything old is new again. I got to meet many of my idols and got to meet many people who would become new idols. For now here are some of my photos of Sky Saxon from 1986 when I first met him. I ended up becoming sort of his official photographer and videographer for several years as well as being a roadie for some of his bands. I moved back to the East Coast and lost contact with many of the people, and others have since passed on. Sky I was getting reconnected with and had hopes of working with him again on his East Coast tour in August. But such is life - time moves on.

I will get other photos to you if you want to use them - John Entwistle, Mike Pinarea, Peter Noone, Brian McClean, Arthur Lee - so many others.


Dave Wallin-Eddy

From: jody erenberg <mailto:jodyerenberg@hotmail.com>  
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2009 1:14 PM
Subject: Sky Saxon

Sadly, Sky Saxon has passed away.  He was an important part of the LA 60s scene.  His band, The Seeds had a popular hit, Pushin' Too Hard, and Sky was a regular on the Sunset Strip in it's glory days.


Jody (Briskin) Erenberg

Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 9:21 AM
Subject: Updated Whisky A-Go-Go Performance List 1966-69

Hi Nancy

After some years of silence, we have a new and updated list of Whisky A-Go-Go performers from 1966 to 1969. Lots of contribution and encouragement from yourself and others who linked to it through Hollywood Hangover.


Comments, criticisms, insights, recovered memories (real or imagined) always welcome. Keep up the great work


From: Tammy
Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2009 5:12 PM
Subject: Hollywood Hangover pix's

Fun memories and pix's about a great era in Hollywood history. Also quite interesting to see whatup and where some of those people are today. It's a great site and I love turning people on to it.

Here's a 1968 picture of me, the blond, and Patty Friedman backstage at "Hullabaloo" after-hours. We just finished dancing up in the cages. I'd love to hear what Pattys up to these days?

I was very good friends with Joey Stec, Brandon De Wilde and my ex-husband, Ron Gilbert of the "Blues Magoos". A few years later I spent time with Lee Freeman of the "Strawberry Alarm Clock". In all those years I had the opportunity of meeting many of the great musicians mentioned on your site.

Keep the pix's & stories coming,

Tammy Hess tamhester@sbcglobal.net

Thank you so very much for your letter, Stephanie. I loved him, too. He was incredibly funny and such a dear friend. After I bawled for a few hours, I laughed for the rest of the day remembering some of the great times we had. I tried to think of someone I had known longer and had stayed in contact with over the years other than a family member, and could think of nobody else. I knew Byrd since my early teens--over 50 years.

I would be honored to post your letter.

Nancy Deedrick
The Great Hollywood Hangover

From: Stephanie Hindman-Algarin
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 11:46 PM
Subject: Re: Larry 'Byrd' Hindman

Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for your kind words about my Father in Law... He was the most accepting, loving, Dad to my husband, me and his Grandkids :)... The last time I saw him awake he had me laughing as usually.... I had 2 kids before I met my husband and he didn't even care. He said " So when you going to marry my Son and make me a Grandpa'. That kind of acceptance you just can find anymore. I loved him dearly.. Then 3 years ago we had a daughter Rylee and he was so excited... . That's just the kind of guy he was.. Open, Loving, Laughing!

I would love if maybe you could post this message. I would love if anyone has any stories, funny saying, a memory of Larry 'Byrd' Hindman.. We would love to make a book for his littlest granddaughter so she has something amazing to remember him by.

Also, I would love to make my husband a Father's Book.

Please if anyone has any stories, a memory, a phase, anything please email me at:


Even if it is a few lines.. she is only 3 and I want to give her as many memory's of him as I can.......

It would mean so much to our family.

Thank you all for this website. I remember how excited he was when he told us about it....

With Love and laughs Always...

Stephanie Hindman

We have lost a great friend, a killer drummer, and one of the funniest guys that ever walked the planet. Byrd (Larry Hindman) passed on May 12. He drummed with the Groupies band and later with Smokestack Lightnin. Byrd came out to California from Illinois just shortly after Dixie and I arrived. We had known him back in Champaign and went to many of the dances and clubs when he played, and became close friends. We missed him not being around, and talked him into coming out soon afterward. Byrd told me one time that he never left Ca. He had been living there all these years.

I have tried to explain his humor to people; he was gut wrenching, pee-your-pants hilarious. We used to beg him to stop, because we would laugh ourselves senseless. He may have been Jim Carrey's soul brother. If those those two had ever been in the same room, Lord help us.
Byrd & Tommy McCormick

Byrd & Tommy McCormick

I loved Byrd like a brother. Can't think of anyone I knew for that long unless I was related to them. Bryd, Dixie, Cooker, Pete, and I all had that special bond between us that will live on and on. Rest in peace, my dear friend. We will see you later.

Nancy Deedrick
The Great Hollywood Hangover

I've added quite a bit to my collection of billboards along Sunset, shot during 1974-5. Lots of work scanning old 35mm slides and negatives and Photoshopping to make them look decent.

Here's the Flickr URL if you care to link to them at your site..



Larry Jandro
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

From: Richard
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 1:46 AM
Subject: I'm still alive (remember the psychedelic conspiracy?)

Just a quickie (no, not THAT kind of quickie >:-}) to let you know that I ran across your web site while doing some research on possibly reviving the Psychedelic Conspiracy, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the sixties and seventies. I am, of course, he who who opened and owned the Psychedelic Conspiracy (as well as Alter Ego and Penny Lane on Hollywood Blvd., Hieronymus on Fairfax Ave., and Annex West, also on Sunset Strip just down the block from the Psychedelic Conspiracy; and a couple of others, here and there). I went through a self-destructive period, of which we shall not speak, and the most common reaction I get when running across others who knew me then is: "I thought you were dead." Well, folks, I ain't dead. Yet, anyway.

Ah, those were heady days, indeed, and just like everyone else fortunate enough to have "been there" I'd sure like to do it all over again. But "the moving finger writes," and none of us can go back to where and when we were part of something special, something magical, something truly wonderful and amazing. Something that will not happen again. During those brief years we actually did change the world - and I would argue that we changed it for the better. Unfortunately, that time will never come again. But that's not to say we can't do it again. Anyone interested?

Turn on, tune in, and....?


[I'm leaving the surname out for now; just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean someone's not out to get me. There were so many women...] 8-)

P.S. If anyone might have some pictures, videos, or any other types of images that feature the Psychedelic Conspiracy (or any of my other head shops), I'd really appreciate it if they could send me copies of them.

From: jay eisenberg
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 9:48 PM
Subject: The travels of Jay Eisenberg

Hi,Nancy.It`s been a while.

Just want to let you know that I now live in Sacramento.We went through a bankruptcy and foreclosure and Sac. is a much cheaper place to live.

We are also close to our two younger boys( 35 and 30 years) and two of our three grandkids.

It is quite an adventure leaving Sonoma County after 30 years. I have to get a bartending job so I can meet new people and make some local friends.

Hope all is well with you. will keep in better touch.

Talk to Bird every now and then and completely lost touch with Pete after the last time we all got together.

Your friend.

Jay Eisenberg

From: Bern Smith
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 9:20 PM
Subject: 1970's Filthy Macnasty's LA


I was incredibly happy to have stumbled across your page tonight!

The stories about that bar, and that era in music, in LA, are infamous - and I'm glad you shared yours!

I am writing to you tonight, because I am looking for information, and from the looks of it, I came to the right place!

My name is Beyona, and I am writing a BIO for a songwriter who claims he and his band played there in the 70's.

The band's name was SLEEPER (consisting of several players from DC + Maryland) who came to LA in 1974. The singer of that band was from Iceland, if that helps?

Any recollection?

Please respond if or when you have some time, okay?

Loved your site!

Thank you,


From: Bern Smith
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 10:12 PM
Subject: Update 1970's Filthy Macnasty's on Sunset

Hey! It's Beyona again...

Sorry, but, I just found another clue to go on...

From what I understand, "SLEEPER" opened for a guy named RAUL. Raul is described by Sleeper's band members as, a hispanic version of Tom Jones who came to the stage wearing an Elvis (white) jumpsuit and a bad toupee. And apparently, he is also known for saying, "You don't need to mess with the girls - you ask anyone - I give the best head in LA..." (Of course, we won't be using, or mentioning any of that - I just need to confirm / verify. And I believe the year was 1974 (band members memories, are cloudy.)

Does that help?

Have a great night!


From: stuart henderson
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 9:35 AM
Subject: Even More (Jim Morrison)

Well the morrison pics i sent that are in colour were taken by a guy called alain ronay on june 28th 1971 ,he was a friend of jim's and went to film school together . The B and w pics were taken by Herve Mueller

Please check out these links,Hope they give you better info


Best Wishes.



From: Art Guy
To: Nancy
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 5:10 PM
Subject: Album Cover "Off The Wall"

Hi Nancy,

I couldn't find this on your website, so thought you might like to have it. There's been talk of Sony re-releasing it due to keen Internet interest, however it hasn't happened as yet. Hope you are well and prospering.

All my best,

Art Guy


From: stuart henderson
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 5:31 PM
Subject: Photo Of Jim Morrison In Paris with Herve Muller May 8th 1971

Thought you would be interested in seeing it


From: Gary
Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 4:26 PM
Subject: Hey

I've been cruising your blog and it's a great trip down memeory lane, thanks. Here are a couple of bands you left out tha that deserve a mention. Thought it would be worth adding as they were very much a part of the scene.

1.  The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

2.  Poco

I'm sitting here writing with inspiration from Van Morrison Astral Weeks Live at The Hollywood Bowl. If you haven't heard it yet it's worth a listen. I was there last year when it was recorded.

The Paradox in Orange was to O.C. what The Troubador was to L.A. We had a reunion last year with almost 200 people. Yes, some of us did come out the other side still standing!

Ex NGDB road manager, Ex Paradox, Golden Bear sound and lights....Peace Gary

From: Its Boss 9
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 6:24 PM
Subject: free live Surf instrumentals w/ The Boardwalkers this Saturday, 6-9 (+ new Dumb Angel blog)

On Saturday @ 6, come by Stories Book Store, 1716 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California (Echo Park, just South of Alvarado) to hear surf instrumental combo The Boardwalkers live and in person. They'll be playing between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. at Stories for a book event based around my new one with Brian Chidester, "Pop Surf Culture: Music, Design, Film and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Boom." Several television monitors around the shop will be screening a wide variety of pre-1970 surfing movies as background eye candy (and for Pop effect) as The Boardwalkers play, and we meet, greet and sign books. For more information and a ton of groovy pics, check:


Comments on the blog site, very much appreciated. No one previous has presented The Rendezvous like this.

Thanks, folk, and hope to see you @ Stories...

Domenic Priore

Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2009 1:56 AM
Subject: US and WORLDWAR III

US owned A Go Go for awhile in 65. Their lead guitar, Jimmy, played the lead on Wipeout. They played the best ever Hey Joe. Lost out to LOVE and Doors. No charismatic lead.

WORLD WAR III was a band that played Pandora's Box. I wrote a song for them that was played there right before the riot. Doug Talbert (dec.) and Bobby Figueroa, who later played drums for the Beach Boys. Both had real voices, soulful.

Saw Procol Harum at the Whiskey on Thanksgiving 65 or 66.. One of the best live performances ever. Stevie Winwood and Traffic might have been the next week.

Turkey legs and tater tots at the Ranch Market.Got our heads beat in by cops at Griffith Park at a Love-In.Buffalo Springfiled played the Hullabaloo when it was Furay, Young and Sills. Awesome ahead of the time by a mile.

I have a couple of teenage boys now and I wonder what I'd think or do if they were doing all the crazy shit we did then.

I am a lawyer in the Central Vallley of CA and shall remain, anon.

From: Gray Newell
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 12:04 PM
Subject: Clear Light Website

Hi There, Hollywood Hangover!

I just wanted to tell you that the Clear Light site has a new home, you can now access it at http://www.officialclearlight.com - the old address is now defunct.

Keep up the good work,


Gray Newell

Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 8:59 PM
Subject: Dewey Martin


I'm the guy who, a few years ago, told you about Judy Sims of Teenset Mag passing away (yeah, like you remember me)

She ....and I for that matter ....along with I suppose 33 other people on the planet ... were religious followers of Buffalo Springfield during the two years they were together.

You probably already know about Dewey Martin's passing. It's a little stunning to me but this type of thing is gonna start happening with more frequency considering the age we're all getting to be.

Anyway, like family members who locate their gravesites together, if you add Dewey's name to your list, it would really be cool if it were next to Judy Sims name somehow.

What a crummy day



Dewey Martin performs with Buffalo Springfield in a 1967 gig at the Whittier High School auditorium. He played on “For What It’s Worth,” “Rock ’N’ Roll Woman” and “Mr. Soul.”

Photo by Don Kelsen / Los Angeles Times

Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin dies

By Erik Pedersen Erik Pedersen – Fri Feb 6, 2:54 am ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Dewey Martin, drummer for the groundbreaking but notoriously feuding and short-lived rock pioneers Buffalo Springfield, was found dead February 1 in Van Nuys, Calif. He was 68.

The cause of death has not been determined.

Martin and his bandmates -- Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay and Bruce Palmer -- formed the group in Los Angeles in 1966, carving out a unique sound that melded elements of country, folk and rock. Their first single, 1967's "For What It's Worth," captured the zeitgeist of youth culture, touching on themes of community, paranoia and the generation gap and becoming a top 10 hit and rock staple.

But that was the band's lone national success, and its famously sparring members called it quits in 1968 after only three albums -- none of which made the top 40. Nonetheless, the group heavily influenced the country-rock scene of the early '70s.

Martin played on all of the band's songs, which also included "Bluebird," "Mr. Soul," "Rock 'N' Roll Woman" and "On the Way Home." Its second album, "Buffalo Springfield Again," ranked No. 188 on Rolling Stone's list of greatest rock albums. The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

Martin attempted to keep the band's name alive after its split, recruiting members for the New Buffalo Springfield. But lawsuits by Young and Stills prevented them from using the name.

Bassist Palmer and Martin played the oldies circuit during the mid-'80s and early '90s as Buffalo Springfield Revisited. Martin also formed other bands that failed to catch on.

Young wrote fondly of Martin in his autobiography, "Sharkey": "You get harder, he hits harder. You pull back, he hits back. He can feel the music -- you don't have to tell him."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

From: Ralph Wranker
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 9:39 AM
Subject: Donnie McCormick


Donnie McCormick, drummer and founder of the Erick Quincy Tate group died last week. I thought you might like to know.


It’s been a long time since we e-mailed each other. I’m the guy that was partners in a company with Sam Neely. Sam died in 2006.


This one is of Francine and Sweet Emily on the inside cover of The Mad Dogs and Englishmen album.


Raven Slaughter

Love to Connect!!!

Thank you for your fabulous site! I would love to connect with Linda Conner who talk of The Righteous Source and Foster's New Blue Grotto (Fresh Photos- Part 3), both of which I hung out at in the late Sixties and formerly on Fairfax Avenue. She gives her email address but it doesn't work.

Sharon Anton


I am Partners on a project about the 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival where the Stones were a closing act for a 3 day “Woodstock South” ,Ken Davidoff was the Official Photographer of The 1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival and The Miami Pop Festival 1 with Jimi Hendrix . There are a lot of photos. You should check out both http://www.palmbeachpopfestival.com and http://www.themiamipopfestival.com . We also have our first site http://www.kooak.net which has The photos of John Lennon in Palm Beach During The Lost Weekend . There are also Over 60 Elvis Presley photos from West Palm Beach just before he Passed away. You will also find over 100 photos from Bob Davidoff The Kennedy Family Album and a lot more Rock And Roll. I would like to link up to you let me know

Peace Out,

Jack Connell and Ken Davidoff

Steve Fischler fischler@fischlerwarner.com of Fischler Artist Promotions http://www.fischlerwarner.com sent the below vintage Delaney Bramlett photos:

Leon Russell
with Duane
with Clapton
with Jimi Hendrix

Thanks Steve! I sure appreciate your help.

Uncle Slagge

This is the first picture I have from Friday's memorial and Celebration of Delaney Bramlett's life. It was a send off fit for the King Delaney was.

It was a somber ceremony with tears and laughter, after we went up to a banquet hall and partied like Delaney would have wanted.

Steve Fischler

Magnolia Gold Records
Fischler Artist Promotions

Delaney Bramlett


(l to r, (Albert Lee, Alicia Morgan, Bob Babbitt (far right) (not shown but performed): David Morgan, (keyboard and vocals), Bekka Bramlett (vocals), Bob Gross (bass), JT Thomas (keys), Mark Karan (guitar), Don Huffington (drums), Chad Watson (trombone) a trumpet player, several harmonica players, and lots of family and friends...

If anyone would like to make a charitable donation in his memory, Delaney's charity of choice was Music Cares sponsored by the Grammy Assoc.

Here is the link:


Another obit...

I received the call a few minutes ago that Delaney has passed on. To those of us who knew him we have lost a friend, to those who appreciated him the world of music has lost an iconic figure. Godspeed Delaney, now with the heavenly choir. He was the sweetest of the sweet.


I just saw him, about six months ago. Mike Finnigan was rehearsing for a Blues Cruise (as close as they call 'rehearsing' - they have these killer players, and they play through some stuff in a club). Delaney was there in the audience. He was great seeing him in years - he was calm, sweet, lovely. I had NEVER seen like that, and nary one line on his face. He'd quit the booze, and evidently everything else too. Finnigan told me that he'd been singing really well recently - I guess they'd been doing some recording. Very sad. I always loved him, but man, he could be ornery! I just can't believe it...
Rest in peace my brother........

B Jones

I am sure you are aware, but I we lost Delaney Bramlett on December 27th who died from complications of a botched Gall Bladder surgery. I just found out myself and I was so taken back from it. What a loss to the music industry. His wife, Susan wrote a touching memorial to him. His daughter Bekka is a rising songwriter/singer in Nashville. When reading various sites on the death of Delaney, I came across an article of how Delaney was feeling the loss of Joey Cooper who died after a battle with Lung Cancer. The Shindogs were the BEST and those guys, Jimmy Burton, Glen Hardin Joey, Delaney and of course Chuck Blackwell will forever be in my heart. While looking over the site again, I came across those pictures I posted some time ago and well, I smiled from the memories.

They will surely be missed.

Crickett Haskell


You will notice changes for the new year as my friend in Oregon, Slagge, is now helping me run the site. He has added a long-overdue forum; and we have plans soon for a chat room. I have asked Slagge to introduce himself below.

I think I have finally come up with a simple answer to the question that I have been asked literally hundreds of times. “What was it like?” When you are fully consumed in something, the ‘witness’ in you just disappears. You can’t remember the details because the person inside of you who does the remembering was totally occupied in other ways.

Peace, Y’all, and Happy New Year!


I read this site over and over again. i was a member of the Barney's crowd between '68 and '72. I hung with Janis' friend Delisle from Port Arthur Tx and her husband Bob Rush who tended bar at Barney's and was shot there 6 years ago. I worked at KRLA during the Shadow Stevens regime from '71 to '72. I identify with 90% of everything you've written, except that I did not get the chance to party like you did. I was everywhere you were at that time and am certain that we rubbed shoulders on many occasions.

The attached photo is me playing in a small jazz club in Shanghai PRC when I was over there teaching English last year.

Damn baby, I still have a SERIOUS HANGOVER!!!

Keep up the good work.

Gene Ervin

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