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          FRESH PHOTOS--Part Two

Leigh Stephens of Blue Cheer, Silver Mitre and Pilot 
has emerged. Yep! Sometimes this website gets 
gets REAL lucky. Leigh sent along the following photos:

The first photo is Leigh recording with Pilot.
In the middle is Silver Metre--Micky Waller,
Pete Sears, Jack Reynolds and himself.
The one with all the amps is Blue Cheer.
Leigh is currently living in Auburn, Calif. He has some CD's out. One
is called "High Strung/Low Key." and the other is "A Rocket Down Falcon Street".
Leigh's email: ldstephens@leighstephens.net
He also has a Facebook page: Leigh's Facebook Page

Neil Hopper wrote to say how much he loved the Groupies.
He has an introduction by Kim Fowley at a beach love-in of 
the band and you can listen to it at: 
Neil also has a website called walkinginla.com which is kool.

The Castle Argyle

Fantasy Fair Poster


Byrd sent these photos of The Groupies at Fantasy Fair.
Ya can't get much scruffier than The Groupies.
Pete and Byrd on left and Byrd, Kenny,
Cooker in rear, Pete and Ronnie.

Debi Pomeroy, who was drummer for the Daughters of Eve band, sent this link with great photos 
of her band.  spectropop.com

This is Debi

This is Paul Motter motterpaul@gmail.com  
who remembers Mike Rummans, Mark Anthony, and the
Hollywood Allstars. He worked with Kim Fowley in the studio.
Paul owned a recording/rehearsal studio called Program Studios.

Paul sent an email in January of 2015: I knew Robert Failla, but also his younger brother Ricky, who had an album (Warner Bros) released with Brian Glascock (Motels) playing drums. I can't find anything about Rick Failla. I happen to be related to the Magliari family, (my cousin married Joe Jr who now still runs the Whiskey and Rainbow). I just interviewed him for a story, but he is younger than me, and grew up in the 80s/90s.

Miss Angela (of Zappa, GTO's) sent along awesome photos of
herself, Miss Lucy, Janet Hof(Ferguson) and James. 
 Angela thought I might want to censor the ones in the bus. 
Naah... We want the real deal here.

On the left is Miss Lucy, Miss Angela and young Dweezil.
Lucy and Angela in center, James, Janet Hof on right

Move these to your photo software and 
zoom, zoom,  zoom!

 These are photos of Chica Davies and me
at Ron Davies' benefit at Brown's Diner in Nashville.

Photos of the Yellow Payges below:


sent those photos. He said that he 
and his sister knew Fresh Start and is looking 
for Paul Frank and Bill Pratt.

Terry Rae sent this photo. He wants to 
know who the second guy on the left is.
Dennis Wilson possibly?

A German man named Reinhard sent these photos 
of Vanilla Fudge. He said the man in back is Teddy Rondelli.

Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice
They don't look any different at all, do they?

This is Bobby Keyes playing in Germany on Feb 29, 2004.
The guitar player in the background is Carl Carlton
of the Songdogs band.

A little bird sent me this photo below of Smokestack Lightning.
OK, it was a big Byrd.

L-R Ron Darling, Byrd, Dave ?, Bruce Allen

He also sent these two photos from a concert at Long Beach
Municipal Auditorium in January, 1971 when Smokestack
Lightning played with Bo Diddley.

L-R Byrd, Ric Eiserling, Ron Darling. Kelly Green
was also in Smokestack, but he's not in the photo,
and of course, that's Bo Diddley on the right.

The photo on the left is from backstage at the Whisky.
Smokestack played there February 8-11, 1971 with BB King.
That's Byrd, Kelly Green, BB King, Ron Darling.
The cartoon of Byrd was drawn by Steve Venet

I heard from Sally Stevens, who used to work 
at Thee Experience and the Psychedelic Supermarket.
She went on to work for Elektra until 1985.
Sally's email:  sallystevens121@adelphia.net
She has a killer blog you must check out!

Sally Stevens
Wow, we had some beautiful people among us!!

Paul Meade, a 27 yr-old from England, of course
wasn't in Hollywood when we were, but he wrote me 
a beautiful email with his photo and this killer quote:
"You guys were at the forefront of the musical and 
cultural explosion of energy and creativity the likes 
of which we may never see again."

Paul Meade  
Because of Paul's awesome letter, I'm seriously
considering a page on this site just for the young fans.

Anybody remember Stark Naked and the Car Thieves?
Mac Brown, who was one of the two lead singers in that
band has contacted this site.  mac9831@juno.com
"The band is alive and well with the exception of our 
drummer, Leonard Sousa, who we lost to cancer last year.
It was a great thing to find folks like you who still remember
us and those kick-ass days when Hollywood was cool."

Les Silvey has also contacted the site and sent 
along a photo of the band below.

Stark Naked and the Car Thieves
L-R: David Dunn, Larry Dunlap, Les Silvey,
Leonard Souza, Mac Brown, Mickey Borden

Richard Gier reported that Jim Price is doing Keb Mo 
and producing others like T-Bone Burnett. Richard is
looking for Bobby Blood. They were in a band called 
Wilibu 6. Lon Price was also in the band.
Richard's email: lakemist4@comcast.net

Mike Hoaglan, known as Hoagy back then,
is living in Nevada and sent along the photo below.

Joel Christie who once played Gazzari's, is till playing
in a local Colorado band. He says he's still close to Jimmy
George and wants to say 'Hi' to all of you.

Pandora Sands contacted the site and has a million
wonderful memories of those days, but she used to stay
at the log cabin and went to the Whisky every nite. 
She thinks we should have a reunion. She's right.

her email: runswithsizzors2@yahoo.com

Edward Anthony G. wrote about many old friends
and wonderful memories, also, but he reported that
the percussionist for Crabby Appleton, Flaco Falcon,
died in 1981. He's also wondering about an early 70's
band named Ramatam that consisted of Mitch Mitchell,
Mike Pinera and a chic named April Lawton. Was she a
real female? Did Hendrix really teach her how to play guitar?
He's talked to Floyd Sneed of Three Dog Night who said
that Joe Schermie, the bass player, passed March 25, 2002.

Edward Anthony G.

George Clayton Johnson
He wrote Oceans Eleven, Logans Run and some
of the Twilight Zone series. George is friends with
Edward Anthony who sent along this photo of his friend.

Joey Stec, of the Dependables and the blues Magoos has
found the site. Ralph Scala, a band member, is alive and
well in LA and still in music. Joey has a long impressive
musical resume including movie soundtracks and
grammy-winning songs.
Joe's email: sonicpastmusic@yahoo.com

Joey Stec
Website:  sonicpastmusic.com

Front and back of the Dependables album cover
with Joey Steck and Ralph Scala

Blue Magoos
Ralph Scala, Ron Gilbert, Emil "Peppy" Castro,
Mike Esposito, Geoff Daking

Kay Poorboy, 1967

Morgana Welch from Hollywood Diaries sent the photos below:

Looks like some Led Zep in the first photo. Morgana 
married Bill Pratt who was in a band called Fresh Start. 
Other band members: Paul Frank, Milo Martin, Fred Allen

These are photos of Morgana, then and now.
The girl is gorgeous!

This is a photo of a new version of Fresh Start
called "Fresh" and the band members included:
Bill Pratt, Fred Allen, Milo Martin, Paul Marshall,
(step son to Larry Gelbart who wrote the movies Tootsie
and Mash) Elaine Mayo, and George England 
(son of Cloris Leachman.)

Morgana Welch
Morgana's website is:  Hollywooddiaries.com

Mark-Almond Band
JON MARK : Vocals & Classical Guitar
JOHNNY ALMOND : Saxes & Flute  
Tommy Eyre : Keyboards
Rodger Sutton : Bass

Flo and Eddie"
(Mark Volman and Howard Kayland)


Richard, who is taking on the Walk of Fame Project for the 
Turtles, was in Hollywood in the early 70's. He remembers 
'cleaning the Whisky parking lot and hawking 
The Free Press for a penance.'
...And when I used to hitch-hike to HollyWood on the weekends "All my stuff I was wearing had to be correct and pass inspection ya know. I remember selling my drums for cash , so I could buy this Roger Daltrey-David Crosby Long fringe leather coat, I Was Stoked!!!!, pants however..."don't tell anyone but I used to just sew on patches on my Neil Young levis". I hadn't earned the Real worn holes yet.  I used to wash dishes at the Golden Bear  just so I could see the likes of  Janis-Jimi- Charlie Musselwhite-Edgar Winter-Zappa etc.  Arrested for burning my draft card-riding a bike on the wrong side of the street yada yada yada... But the Chicks! Oh Man!!!! In a band or not just being a musician got us all in and outta bed. No one really owned each other back then, being a year or two behind the start we picked up on that quiet well, Thank You very much!  Hmm... stay tuned.... Cheers, Richard
Another "note" from Richard...

Another exciting contact was Jimi Calhoun. He said he found
his phone number in my phone book. He was a bass player that 
at one time or another played with Dr. John, Rare Earth, 
Sly Stone, Buddy Miles, and was affiliated with Dobie Gray 
and Pollution, Joel Scott Hill, Johnny Barbata, and his own
band called Creation. He sent a picture of his old Jag that he
used to drive up and down the Strip. Jimi said he had that Jag
for 25 years--finally sold it in '92.

Jimi on left in 71-2 and a more recent photo of Jimi and 
his old Jag from the Sunset Strip daze. He's living in
 Boca Raton, Florida now and is the leader/pastor of a 
postmodern spiritual community of artists.

Shiloh contacted the site and said she used to hang out with
everyone at the Starwood during the Kim Fowley and the
Runaways era.

This is a great promo shot of the Yardbirds 
sent to me by Stefen Shady.
Clockwise from upper left are:
Jeff Beck, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja,
Keith Relf and Paul Samwell-Smith. 

Stephen Shady has sent many interesting photos and memorabilia 
to me. Here's his most recent contribution--

Stephen's personal story about Jimi Hendrix one time in New York

Tom Rush & The Great Speckled Trout Band, 1972
L to R: Trevor Veitch, guitar and vocals
James Rolleston, Bass guitar and vocals
Richard Patterson, drums
Tom Rush, guitar and lead vocals
(thanks to Richard for the photo)

Rocky Frisco
I contacted Rocky at his site thinking he had been in L.A
in the sixties. He knows so many people from that era, but he
said he was part of the Tulsa crowd. He plays piano now
for JJ Cale. www.rocky-frisco.com

JJ Cale's tour bus.

Found this article in Rolling Stone, November, 2003.
It's about our mayor, Rodney.

Doug La Tour sent this photo of himself, Mario, and
probably Doug's wife in the parking lot of the 
Rainbow in June, 2003.

Crickett Haskell has found us. stepn2itc@sbcglobal.net
She "hung out forever with Chuck Blackwell and Shindogs, Joey
Cooper, Delaney Bramlett...not to mention Bobby Keyes and Jimmy
Karstein" as she lived up at Leon's house on Skyhill Drive for a
couple of months. Crickett remembers Karstein living in one of
Leon's closets. She was a  go-go dancer at Gazzarri's and hung
out nightly at the Red Velvet on Sunset. She remembers Three
Dog Night first performing on talent night there. She also  
remembers places like The Rag Doll, PJ's, the Pink Carousel and 
she remembers bands like The Orange Colored Sky, Stark Naked
and the Car Thieves, The Checkmates, Spiral Staircase.
She went on to become a talent agent in LA for about 28 years.
She married actor Peter Haskell. She's still married to Peter,
but has changed her careers. She's now an aerobic instructor.

This is a photo of Crickett.

Below are photos that Crickett sent from 1964:

Chuck Blackwell    Delaney Bramlett

On left, the Shindogs--Glen Hardin, Delaney Bramlett,
Joey Cooper, Jimmy Burton, Chuck Blackwell
On right, is Chuck

Joey Cooper and Cricket...   and Joey

Joey Cooper...   and Shindogs at Hullabaloo, 1964

Bonnie and Delaney Bramlett with Eric Clapton

Screaming Lord Sutch
(committed suicide in 1999)

Nooney Rickett fans have written many times asking
for his whereabouts and what happened to him.
I found this photo at a Nevada Ramada Inn Express site.

Nooney Rickett is the one in red.

Steve Sasco has come through so many times, sending great
photos to the site. Here's a killer shot of the old Whisky.

Steve found this photo in a 1966 magazine
called Datebook. It was from an article on a
band called Everpresent Fullness.
Ever hear of them?

Janis from Joplin, sent an article on Chuck Blackwell:

Part one of article
Chuck, I'd forgotten how gorgeous you were...whew!

Check out Betty's website called hollywoodagogo.com

I asked her to tell me about herself and she writes:

With the British invasion, my best friend Linda and I headed for Hollywood right out of high school in search of longhaired rockers. There we experienced some very happy times and met so many groovy people. Today, we still discuss Hollywood with memories we will never forget.

It was last October that I came a crossed this great web site while doing research for my own site.  I was so happy to see friends I once knew.  Terry Rae, Don Adey, and Rodney.  Terry and Don had signed the Guestbook, so I decided to email them. With the photo's and stories I have always wanted to share and with Terry's generosity also sending me his great photo's, I  have been able to build my site with a mystical feel. You can view the photo's and read all about my story in my Introduction and My Back Pages.  Please sign the guestbook when you drop by.  Thank you, Nancy, for this opportunity. Betty     


Fulfilling requests for Iggy Pop...

and the Stooges

Iggy, 1972

Stefen Shady sent these pictures.
On the left is Iggy Pop, Iggy's guitarist, James Williamson,
and Coral Starr. On the right is Sable Starr, 
Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls, 
and Sylvain Sylvain of the Dolls is in the background

Rolling Stone article on
the new book Straight Whisky

I received the following email from Lari O'Neil-McNew, who
wasn't able to post anything in the defective feedback form:

I e-mailed Terry and Michael about James Rolleston,
but neither of them responded. I don't have very
recent info, but I was with James (on and off) up
until 1993. He was then working as a chef, and had
recently sold his bass. Last I heard he was in San
Juan Capistrano.

Herbert Worthington III was living on the Zoetrope
Studios lot when I knew him in the late 70s, early
80s. He had done a lot of photo work for Jimi, and was
then working with Stevie Nicks, as he apparently still
does. I heard that he went into the antiques
business in L.A.

I am looking for Neil Merryweather (Mama
Lion/Kryptonyte/Lita Ford)), and Lynn Carey has not
been able to help me.

Lari O'Neil-McNew

Savoy Brown photo sent in by David Malachowski (far right)
It's members of Savoy Brown band with Jim McCarthy and
Johnny Badanjeck (Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels)
after a night of jamming at the magic bag in Detroit.

John Kaminski sent in a photo of the Vito Paulekas sculpture
that he purchased on Ebay. Wow!

I also heard from Miss Angela. She is looking for Renee
Hershkowitz (now Renee Johnson) because they were Ra-Ra
girls together in a band with screaming Lord Sutch.
She's digging for photos. Email:  Acwayne@aol.com
Here's a more detailed letter from Miss Angela: Miss Angela's letter

Terry Bolo wrote to me. He remembers many of you; has fond
memories of Rodney Bingenheimer, Carl Wilson, Canter's, Gypsy
Boots, etc. Here's Terry's letter
His email:

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